JCJ Events

Planning day success

Our planning day on 30th March went really well, and set our directions for 2014-15 and beyond. We met in the congenial EcoHouse at CERES in Brunswick (www.ceres.org.au). Anne Martinelli facilitated the day, with the able support of Michael Chew. Together they tapped into the wisdom of the group.

Three projects are now moving ahead, all tapping into the theme of youth - climate - justice :
- Supporting an international Journey across the Asia Pacific in 2015 - with participants from one country 'passing the baton' to participants in the next country
- Improving how people pay their 'carbon dues'
- Taking Asia-Pacific students on educational trips to regional Victoria - encouraging them to become environmental leaders.

Linked to these projects, we are also working towards Australian (and other) volunteers going overseas to help with projects that JCJ is supporting, in particular the 2015 Journey. Permaculture-gardening-farming is another theme that we hope to weave into our activities, both in Australia and in international projects.


Weekly meetings

 Our small team meet weekly in Melbourne, to plan, share, discuss and get insipired! Any new-comers are most welcome! contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get involved! Our volunteers contribute in many ways - find out more about how you can become part of our community of friendly citizens concerned about climate justice.



Journeys for Climate Justice

Recent and current Projects:

Sri Lanka: Our partner organisation ECO-V is continuing to organise further environmental leadership training for 26 year old Dhanushka. He has been an active participant of both the Kelani River Journey and Paapedi Bike Journey, two innovative environmental leadership journeys supported by JCJ. Dhanushka has established a permaculture farm in his local village, where he inspires and trains a growing team of youth to be eco-friendly citizens.

Bangladesh: The Youth Action Conference in Dhaka in January 2014 was a great success. JCJ kicked in $600 in support. The aim was to create awareness, dialogue and knowledge sharing across diverse class, social, cultural and educational backgrounds about the environmental issues at hand and generate solutions collectively. Over 100 youth attended from diverse backgrounds. Next step - to support the youth to kick-start micro projects that target environmental and climate change threats.

Australian Journeys: Over 2014 JCJ is planning environmental trips to regional Victoria for small groups of Asian students. We want them to experience nature and meet people who are working to protect our environment.  Many Asian students have limited exposure to nature in their home countries. We would love them to return home with an environmental message, and perhaps become environmental leaders.

Looking back over 2013: JCJ has supported the Paapedi Bike Journey for Climate Justice, the Bangladeshi Climate Justice Project, as well as innovative environmental education programs in Vietnam! Thanks go out to all our supporters and contributors for making this possible. Our volunteers have been active in climatically-vulnerable communities in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, and the ripple-effects of our projects are spreading far and wide.

We have also re-defined our aims to focus on investing in youth, to empower them as leaders to tackle climatic challenges, particularly in vulnerable communities in the Asia Pacific Region.

We are also focussing on our domestic activities, and building our team of passionate volunteers. We're really looking to expand our core Melbourne-based team, with people who can spare a few hours a week. We are also building an increasingly international team of active volunteers, who can contribute in many ways... please email us if you think you can get involved.

You can support us by joining JCJ as a member (only $30 a year!), making a donation or 'paying your dues' when you fly. We'd love you to volunteer for JCJ domestically and on our overseas projects. Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .